Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Congratulations JenJen!

When you say Lelli Kelly your tongue goes up!

Aunt SueSue was on the phone early this morning to find out the size of the girls' feet to get them some new clogs. Talking about new shoes brought out Nora's fascination with a particular brand of shoes. She's got a great interest in acquiring a pair of Lelli Kelly shoes. So why these shoes? Lelli Kelly very smartly advertises on the kid show networks. So really the only time Nora has shown any interest in a commercial has been for the Barbie Mariposa doll and these Lelli Kelly shoes. What do these things have in common? Lots of Sparkle and Nora loves her pretty sparkles! Mommy almost lost her mind one day and would have bought a pair at Nordstroms but they didn't have Nora's size. I' m glad I didn't have to explain my insane compulsions to Craig. So after several "tell her" from Nora I had to hand the phone over so she could tell SueSue about her new obsession. If the shoes weren't cool enough, Nora told SueSue, "When you say Lelli Kelly your tongue goes up!"

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Spring Break recap

What a crazy time we had last week with cousin Allie! Allie had a gentle loving wakeup every morning with a baby screeching"Cockadoodle Doo" in her ear and then it was basically off to the races. We literally shopped til I at least I dropped at the end of each day. We hit all the malls and outlets around, hit the zoo, Busch Gardens, made all Nora's classes and dance class, and just generally had a blast hanging out together. So I want to post a few pictures of our time together before I forget.

First Blog Entry!

Hello Worldwide Web!
Ok....let's not get too worldwide and I'm not webby, but I wanted to create a place for our family and friends to come to and see the ongoing adventures and more likely, the predictable routines of our little family! I hope this blog will satisfy all requests for more stories and pictures of the Schneider sisters and their Pink dog. Our stories and pictures are starting to pile up and I hope everyone will find something they like about this blog and it gives me the pleasure of telling the Schneider Tales in one place with the added benefit of PICTURES! So here we go.....wish us luck!