Sunday, January 30, 2011

wildcat weekend

 Yay!  CHA weekend!  I look forward to this weekend to see all
my favorite manufacturer's new products!

I am totally loving everything I've seen so far by my favorite Sassafras!
Love the whimsy and free spirit in their lines!
Crate paper, The Girls Paperie, Cosmo Cricket, Studio Calico,
and the house of three stuff by Pink Paislee are ranked very high on my list as well!
 Another reason I love this time of year...all the challenges to participate in!
I'm a girl who loves a good challenge!
It pushes me creatively and I always end up with some new favorite layouts.
 Especially if its a challenge I'm not entirely comfortable with, like self portrait in a mirror.
I look crazy eyed, for sure!
But it was fun to journal, overcooking all meat just a normal dinner hour around here!
Not dealing out trichinosis here, not on my watch!

Reminds me of a time when Craig and I went to this expensive restaurant
and we both got a chicken dish  (not a very inspiring menu)
and he started eating it and got this weird look.
I saw his look, started freaking out because I know it meant BAD stuff.
He wasn't going to show me, but I made him turn his dish toward me and it was RAW people!
He was eating a raw chicken cutlet!
Ugh...mine was cooked, but I pushed my plate away!
Needless to say, we never returned to that restaurant.
I still shudder when I drive past it!

 A calm moment for Charlotte.
My girls have been fighting like wildcats this weekend.
It seems like there's a fight a minute.
Alright, so I'm exaggerating, but they're picking fights over every little thing!
I'm exasperated.
Next weekend they are spending with their grandma.
Another reason it was so sweet to move back where there's family!
Scraproom = disaster area!

Monday, January 24, 2011


 First layout made using my who's who kit from Studio Calico.
I love the colors so much!
This is one beautiful kit and I've can't stop printing out photos to scrap. I
have a couple of more layouts that just need some finishing touches.

The thermometer outside the window read in the negatives this morning.
Having my birthday in the winter, I love the snow and cold,
but it's getting kind of ridiculous!
My girls were waiting for school to be cancelled this morning.
No such luck for them!

Confession time
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills anyone?
My guilty pleasure of this TV season.
What a C-R-A-Z-Y episode last Thursday!
Hello Reunion!  You can not get here soon enough!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

keeping busy

I think these photos were only taken 2 years ago.  Eep!  They look so little!

On a different note, how long does an unopened jar of pumpkin butter last?
I think I've had it 2 years.  Its from Trader Joes and I just never got around to using it.
I know I have a jar of capers that's at least 4 years old!
That's one of my problems, I'll see an obscure item on a grocery store shelf and pick it up because I read a recipe once and this was required.  I never go back to the recipe though.  I think it's time to clear some stuff out!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Very exciting

 Featured layout of the day at Two Peas on 1/6/2011!!!
 Yes, I took  photo of my screen.
I couldn't help myself!
 This girl has been very social lately.
More play dates and birthday parties than we've ever experienced before.
Craig joked that Charlotte needs to tweet her whereabouts to her followers
and I'm getting a workout being her social secretary.
 This girl is doing so well reading books by herself.
She has to read a small book everyday and we log it.
Yesterday I bought her two new movies for her collection @ Blockbuster.
She read her book aloud on the car ride home so she could start her movie marathon
when she walked in the door.  She LOVES movies, any movie-all movies.
 All these layouts were made using the Dec. Studio Calico kit plus an add on
patterned paper supplement.  I've actually made 6 layouts so far. 
Not one Christmas or winter related.
It's been a very versatile kit.
I finished my December daily a week ago.
I do like it and feel accomplished, but then I put it away.
It turned out to be more of a chore than a pleasure toward the end.
I'm glad I made it and I will definitely appreciate it more a couple months down the road.
So because of Dec. daily burnout, my layouts henceforth will not feature any
Christmas theme!