Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Help I need somebody!

Candy from Mr. Paul from Brasil! Yep, with an S, not a Z. Said so on our package! :P Nora and Charlotte hae eaten two pieces each and are gunning for more! Must watch them!

None for me though because.....

Oh My.

Did that root canal HURT! I've had one before, it wasn't too bad, but the one this morning.

I swore at my dentist. Really. One of the times I almost jumped out of my chair, I yelled "That f____ hurts!!!! Two c-sections, one popped rib, kidney stones, appendicitis, braces, a prior root canal and I survived them all, only to be brought low by a darn tooth!

Total disaster in my scrap room. I want to make stuff, but it's so messy!
Kinda obsessed with these ribbon flowers.
I want to make them in every color, esp. white.

Glee is back tonight. Thank goodness. My reality shows were boring me. Well, not Christian Siriano's special on Bravo, "Having a Moment". Still love him. Top Chef Masters, Runway, and Idol have pretty much been a snooze. Dancing isn't bad because I like Evan and Pam Anderson. I voted for her online last night. I definitely think she's better than others and she doesn't deserve the boot! Kick off Kate & that Bachelor dude!

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Monday, April 12, 2010

weekend update

I finally used that last piece of yellow Hambly transparency for the last prompt in Something for Almost Nothing class. I believe I used pieces of that sheet in my last three layouts.
I loved that sheet, I could buy a couple more and never tire of using it.

We went into the weekend with both our Saturday and Sunday planned.
I always play it by ear, but I wrote some stuff down we didn't want to forget.
For Saturday, it was a showing of Where the Wild Things are at the library.
Not sure if I liked it.
Definitely long, the creatures seemed bipolar and maybe the part where Carol rips the arm off his friend that bird, what's his name?, I wasn't expecting it and I thought it was freaky.
The girls walked away from it fine.
Well, like I said I was freaked!

Now Sunday was fun!
Princess party at Strong Museum.
Hair do done up at Rapunzel's Salon.
Butterfly garden.
Charlotte could not wait to get this "bug" off her!
"Get a picture mommy and can you take it off?"
Nora loved all the butterflies, could not get enough.
Charlotte was ducking every second like she was
under attack!
Visiting the Fairy godmother or Anne Boleyn!
Over four hours spent at the Museum including
a carousel ride and lunch in food court.
Then home for a bike ride around the block.
Good Weekend all around.
Tomorrow I have a root canal at 8am.
Lord help me.

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Did you have a nice Easter?

I'm going back to 2007 for this layout. A trip to the National Zoo in D.C.
with our always fun cousins Al & Lu.
I made this for a challenge for Shimelle's class.
I used a prompt from the HMITM blog that required the use of clouds
and nine embellishments.
Flower challenge.
Nora was upset that Charlotte scratched her.
I didn't journal that!
Instead I wrote a note to Nora about always believing in herself and having faith
things will always get better.

Made these two for a Two Peas crop on 4/2/10.

Look at the sad faces.
We were discouraged.

That darn Easter Bunny either forgot us or really hid our baskets good!

Found them in Mommy's Scraproom!
Let's compare.
Did your sister get something better?!
(Charlotte's hair looks like that every morning, it's painful!)
Hey cutie

Coconut cookies!
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Friday, April 2, 2010

Nice day Rochester!

It's very VERY rare to have a perfect spring day in Rochester before Easter, but today we did it!

A lovely day by all accounts that was spent down at Charlotte Beach with Tons of other people.

Lake Ontario was cold & looked questionable, but we braved it.

The beach is not officially open yet, so it was littered with driftwood and yucky stuff.

Posted by PicasaThere was no stopping these two from kicking off their new Old Navy flip flops to dip their little toes in the water!