Sunday, August 31, 2008

Potty Mouth

Charlotte has a major potty mouth! She has been calling us "poops", "butts", and "pee pees"
lately! I don't know where she got it from, but I will admit in the beginning we all thought it was funny and this has definitely encouraged more potty name calling.

Yesterday, we went to Chili's for lunch and when the waitress took our bill, Charlotte said, "Thank you ma'am....POOP!" I turned to her in the seat next to me to tell her what a sweetie I thought she was when she tacked the word poop at the end of her almost beautiful sentiment. Yes...she does know we don't like that talk and hopefully it will fade before school starts and Craig and I have to go in and face the teacher Charlotte ends up calling a "butt".
I did catch Nora telling Charlotte to say the potty words last night in the kitchen. Nora knows better than to say them herself, but gets an additional kick out of encouraging her sister to say them. And they look so sweet!
I found a Megan McCain's site today where I got the picture above. I also went to the McCain site where I joined the team. Not quite sure what that entails yet, but I want to get notice when the Straight Talk Express is in Richmond, so I can bring my daughters to see this. I would love my girls to see McCain/Palin. If we do have a chance to see them, hopefully Charlotte doesn't call McCain an Ol' poop!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Holy Smokes!

I am so stinking EXCITED! There I am sitting at a McDonald's at lunch time rush passing out Happy Meal nuggets and fries when this announcement comes across Fox News.
Nora told me she was disappointed in this McDonald's because it didn't have a Play Place. We've never been to this one on Hull St. before, but I liked it because it was new and clean.
Then I had to rephrase my opinion because I looked up and saw the most amazing news story on a beautiful TV in McDonald's!
McCain Picks Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin for Vice President Nominee!
I was so excited I started talking to all these strangers and forgot to make sure my kids ate some nuggets before they finished off all their fries!
I am so EXCITED! I can't wait for the pundits to come on tonight! Take that Matthews and Obermann! McCain crushed Obama's over the top coronation last night!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Help me help me!

Good thing Hill's not running for president because after her speech last night I would've run out and voted for her! What a speech, she had me in the palm of her hand! AHHH!
So after being consumed by the Olympics, I've taken on the Democrat Convention as my new must see TV.
All I can say is that I REALLY hope the RNC inspires next week.
I need McCain to really impress me because I want to get behind him and be excited!
Anyone else really missing Tim Russert right now?
I was channel surfing last night after Hillary's speech and could not settle on any station because no one breaking it all down the way I was used to.
Those idiots on MSNBC (Obermann! can't stand him!) are so pro Obama it makes my head hurt!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Up late again

Why do I stay up late at night? Everyone has been asleep for hours and I know my babies are going to be jumping on my head in the a.m.

I allow myself time on the computer with my coffee as soon as I get the girls settled with breakfast to read NYPost, Perez, & other news outlets.

Sometimes I squeeze in time during naps, if I can ignore the cleaning and picking up that must be done. But I can't stand clutter & you can find it here no matter what! But night time when everyone is asleep I can web surf at my leisure.

Plus I have a lot on my mind right now and I've been a MAJOR insomniac this last week! Alright, I'm signing off, but not for bed, to go read my book!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

"I just think it looked like an ugly dress from a mall."

The title quote comes from Michael Kors blog at Project Runway on Bravo. Thank you...thank you...that terrible designer is gone. What was up with this ugly dress anyway? Definition of Hot Tranny Mess!
This is what we do when the neighbor's lawn watering kicks on and we're getting the mail. Nora wanted to get wet, so she asks if she could put on her bathing suit. I told her to go for it and just run through it wearing her clothes. Good Times!
Poor little Char Star is under the weather right now. She's fighting a summer cold and was inside missing out on all the fun. We walked into the house after the sprinklers turned off and she was lying on the rug in front of the door. Poor little Char Char! We'll sneak Char through the sprinklers too when she's feeling better!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

9 years!

Happy Anniversary to me & Craig!
9 years today...We started our life together and created a family. I still love you more than ever!

Would've ...should've....could've...

We stopped here for a dipped cone after dropping Suesue and Lulu off at the airport.

From the backseat at the drive thru window......"Mom....we should have gotten them an ice cream too before we left them at the airport!"

The babies love and miss you!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


As I write this entry, Miss Madeleine, as we call her in the South, is sitting next to me watching the extraordinary creative process known as my blog.
As to the fact, miss Madeleine and her mother are basically the only readers of my blog this may not be read. LOL.
This picture was taken on last Tuesday on our trip to Williamsburg.
One word to describe Williamsburg by Miss Madeleine is "boring".

Friday, August 8, 2008

What we like....

Finally ...posted another video! This was taken during lunch after a morning on the slip and slide. Ahh....don't you love my beautiful babies!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

project runway I love you!

Ugh! Why is Daniel still on Project Runway? This guy should be auf'd!
He is so annoying! Am I the only one who can't stand him? His "sportswear" representing cocktail land was UGLY. Why did that other designer have to be so bad and old fashioned? Next week his comment..."my taste is impeccable" makes me want to vomit.
I think the reason I don't like him is that he seems so lazy. His designs are so shoddy and he doesn't even put forth any effect. His attitude is just ridiculous as well. Hopefully next week I can blissfully post about his
"Auf Wiedersehen".
I really liked Terri and Korto tonight. Korto won and her design was awesome. Terri designed the outfit Michael Kors said reminded him of 70's Lauren Hutton. She was pretty funny in Mood when that dude stole her fabric...."Oh, no you di'hint just cut my fabric!" "A sister got to keep on eye on things" had me cracking up! I don't think those are exact quotes, but it was funny!
Love Stella as well. "A lot of bikers watch the Olympics." OK. If she says so, I believe it.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Quick update

Nora and a wolf at the Dar Kastle. We saw some good shows yesterday including Wolf Haven.
Nora liked this guy and asked me to take her picture.

Charlotte content with some watermelon. Busch Gardens was fun. Will be back later to make a longer post, but tired now.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

You can take Charlotte out of Buffalo, but you can't take the Buffalo out of Charlotte!

Friday night we stopped at Buffalo Wild Wings

I ordered the girls their own wings and it was pretty cute to watch Char bite those wings! She's a real chicken wing aficionado. Craig had to take the meat off the wings for Nora. She was not interested in eating chicken wings unless her meat was already pulled off the bone. I can't blame her. I was pretty squeamish around Buffalo wings in the beginning too.

I wish I had my camera to take some pictures though because it was a pretty fun evening. They had a band playing and Nora and Charlotte were busting a groovy move to "Eleanor Rigby".

Saturday and Sunday were two days dedicated to the backyard. Craig has been working like a beast again. He's done a remarkable job grading the yard. It looks like a new yard already and I bet it will just be incredible when the grass comes up. Craig has taken Monday off, so we are going to spend the day at Busch Gardens. Nice weather in the forecast so hopefully it's going to be a good day.