Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Back in school & more kitchen pics

1st day of Kindergarten!
Woot woot!
So adorable and so proud!
The Bus was very late. So I didn't get any good shots of her getting on the bus.
But I got some the other day, but I thought I would keep them in sequence.
So Charlotte's in the pm class which means pick-up is 11:45.

Here is Nora getting off the bus on her 1st day!
Woot! Woot!
Her bus stop for pick up is at 8:20am, down the block at the corner with some 2nd graders.
I actually took some pictures in the am, but I thought the ones of her getting off the bus came out a little better.

She's wearing her new boots. She loves them because she picked them out with her Dad at Target and they remind her of Wizards of Waverly, and still rocking the occasional Hannah Montana tee.
Oh yes....that black vest is glittered!
And you can never have enough denim leggings!
Four pair at last count!

Big News!
The kitchen floor is in!

Oh it's beautiful!
I'm in love and we're going to put these hardwoods throughout the house!

I left you with a glimpse of what my new windows looked like, so here they are in full.
Love the circle window. I've never had one before and I've always admired them.
It's just cool.

The other windows have a crank and I can open them all for a major wind or just one for a gentle breeze!

You can see my counter tops here.
That was difficult.
A story for another day.
I'll also take a better photo of them when they are not dusty!

A brand new stainless steel bottom freezer refrigerator sits in the near corner.
Yes, I have polished it up since this photo was taken! :)
We're actually painting the cabinet doors today.
Getting exciting around here!

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

More kitchen repair

We're replacing one wall of windows in the kitchen.

Replacing drywall and adding a whole new ceiling.

Holy crap.

Let me get my camera was my reaction to this hole on the side of my house.

That's our veggie garden next to the house!

Our garden is quite big. We ate the corn. It was delicious and the tomatoes are never ending.

Unfortunately the veggies piled up while we were without a kitchen, but lucky for everyone else because we were constantly giving it away.

Oh yeah, back to the kitchen. Within a day that giant hole turned into this.

I can say with pride I helped quite a bit.
Well... with all the lifting, cleaning, and swearing!
But Craig's been the real beast!
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

I can scrapbook again?!

A little break from my home improvement stories to tell you about my little Nora.

Yesterday my little kindergartner Charlotte and my first grader Nora got off the school bus and Nora stormed up the driveway yelling at Charlotte,
"You lied to me! You said you would sit with me on the bus!"

Charlotte, age 5, already a pro at avoiding conflict calmly tells Nora,
"I didn't see you."

Between me & you, I think she saw her!

Charlotte has just been busy sitting with her newest pal from her kindergarten class, Lila. She likes sitting with her new friend, she knows she can see her sister at home and play with her then.

Nora doesn't have a friend from her class on the bus. It shouldn't be a big deal, but Nora is very shy and unless someone makes a move to sit with her, she'll sit by herself. I also think she's been looking forward to sitting with Charlotte on the bus.

So yesterday, Nora blew up at her sister and underneath her bluster I could tell she was very sad that she sat alone. She cried, we hugged and talked about maybe sitting with someone else who sat by themselves. Maybe that person just wants to sit with someone too. She felt better after our little talk and we read some books together (Charlotte banned from the room by Nora's decree!)

So I sit here hoping that today will be better. I told Charlotte to sit with whomever she wants and her sister will do the same. If you want to sit together, if you don't want to sit together, that fine too.

So it's only our first full week in the bus and I'm really hoping all goes well today. My heart hurts so much when my girls' hurt.

Be back later with an update and maybe finish my kitchen story. :)

ETA : Charlotte sat with Nora on bus Friday, but she kicked and pinched Nora. Nora wanted to report her sister to bus driver. But thankfully she reported Charlotte's behavior to us. Charlotte....Argh.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I used to blog once

I used to blog once upon a time.

Then I bought an awesome house with great "bones" in a fantastic idyllic neighborhood.

We (Craig & I) were going to turn this old ranch into our dream house. Years of subscribing to magazines like Cottage Living, House Beautiful, Martha Stewart's Living, This Old House, and every other magazine I can't think of right now.... we were ready to abandon our brand spankin' new McMansions and create the perfect home!

What a colossal pain in the a**!!!

We've done this before 10 years ago with our first house. It was dirty and disgusting, but we were young and tore that house up inside and out and made it a beautiful and unique home.

Fast forward 10 years, we're at it again. We're older, busier, and now with two kids and a dog, this has been harder than even I could have imagined.

It's terribly draining physically, mentally, and financially.

I worry about the NAILS sticking up and out everywhere!

"Wear your shoes" "Don't go in there!" "Don't touch that!"
were (are) daily admonishes!

The whole house felt inside out. The kitchen was a wreck, 2 bathrooms in a state of wreckage, and our two main rooms were also construction zones. The dust and dirt was incredible. I felt like I traded my nice life in for this stressed out mess and I felt like I was suffocating!

A home should be your refuge, your safe place, but I felt ours was anything but! Just the opposite, it was place I just had to get out of everyday!

So I would wake up and take the girls somewhere everyday. The mall, museum, a movie, walks down by the lake, playgrounds, get us all haircuts and many a time, we just went to Grandma's house.

But things have gotten better lately.
Long holiday weekends that give Craig extra time to work on the house.
Craig has been amazing with all the work he's been putting into the house.
I don't think I'll ever say it enough, but he's a real champion when
he has the time to get this stuff done. Nobody works harder than him, balancing his real job, remodeling a house, and still fitting in time to spend with his little girls.
It's been amazing to watch him.
Now with school in session, I'm not running around trying to think up things to keep our girls entertained daily. Yay for school!!!
And that's not all.
There's a kitchen that is definitely making a comeback in a major way!!!
These photos are only part of this story. More photos in tomorrow's post of a kitchen at it's darkest hour (eek!) and (dare I say it, dream it!) it's future glory!
Patience grasshopper.
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