Friday, July 23, 2010

what we're obsessed with.....

1. Always new scrapping supplies. I can't help being in any store and looking round for something I can use in a mini album or layout. I bought some cool travel stamps at Anthropologie the other day. I was looking for a skirt, I bought stamps. :P

2. Swimming swimming and more swimming! We can't get enough pool time. And maybe one day I was obsessed with buying the girls some swimsuits at TJ Maxx. Can't beat buying a Nike suit that was originally $70 for $10. Love running into deals like that!
3. We are 100% obsessed with the TLC show Toddlers and Tiaras. It's my fault. I was flicking the channels around one rainy afternoon at my mom's house and ran into a marathon. I abhor and adore this show. As the mother to two little girls, it's kinda fascinating but a real trainwreck! Now I know what's a formal dress and what constitutes full glitz. It completes me! It's definitely been my summer guilty pleasure!
4. Finishing my sister's album of her trip to Las Vegas. If you ask me it is the most awesome album I've ever done and it's already gone from my house.
5. Arranging my crafting supplies. I want to get some photos of my scrap room for prosperity but I start organizing and immediately somehow get inspired to make a project and abandon all motivation to organize my room. Soon it will get done!

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hi Summer

Well Summer is in full swing around here.
See my little girl blowing me her last kiss as a kindergartner?
Next year it's a full day of school when you're in the first grade!
This little one still loves playing dress up and wearing her endless supply of eye shadow
she got for her birthday. Our preschool days here are over. Next year Charlotte will be in the afternoon session of Kindy like her sister was this year.

This guy is slowly destroying the house around us still. I thought I would take a picture of him painting though. I don't want to show you the bowels of our house. That's right.
We're down to the base flooring around here and walls without drywall. :(

Our garden is absolutely thriving!
It's so green and beautiful!
The deers think so too.
If you look at the tomato plants on the right, you can see they are missing their tops.
Down to the bare stalks.
We set up a barricade last week and it seems to be working.
Soccer is still going strong and swimming lessons start this coming Tuesday.
Plus with other stuff we've got going on, we've been very busy this summer.
I've been scrapbooking everyday and I feel like I'm getting kinda caught up.
Some days I get 3 layouts done and the next day a two pager.
My basket I keep my finished layouts in is almost full and I need a niece
to come over and put them into albums for me again. Hint...hint!
Taking photos of them doesn't get done in the summer. I finish them, hang them in my scraproom until the next one takes it's place. I've been a scrapping samurai these days!
So until next time....
We wish you and your family a happy and safe 4th of July!