Saturday, March 28, 2009

Scrap Space

I have my scrap space located in a closet in my kids playroom. It's very convenient because I'm with the girls and everything I own is within arms reach.
My desk is laminate kitchen top from Home Depot installed by my husband with some accessories from Ikea on the walls and an Ikea stool. I keep the majority of my pattern paper stacked on the floor. Not the best solution, but when I'm looking for something, I usually find some paper I forgot about!

The top shelf of the closet holds all my paints, ribbons, buttons, & flowers. Buttons & flowers are in spaghetti jars that have been through the dishwasher a couple times. To the right of the paints is a box like container w/ 3 drawers where I keep alphas, rub-ons, & stickers.

To the left of the paints is another little unit where I keep acrylic stamps and stamp pads. Also filled with random embellishments. I keep my wood mounted stamps on top of said container. Hanging from closet rod are containers from Ikea where I store adhesives, deco scissors, and more randomness.

It was too quiet when I was taking my pictures earlier. I had to investigate and found the girls in a new hideaway behind the rocker in Charlotte's room!

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suesue said...

soon the girls will be playing hide-in-seek at my house. LOVE IT !!! far out craft center sister.