Sunday, May 17, 2009


Absolutely random list

1. An extra$10 is never too much to spend to ensure we get 2 double beds next time we stay in a hotel. Two adults, two kids, one dog in one double bed is a travesty. Hence this post in the
middle of the night. I'm waiting for everyone to wake up so I can get my sleeping shift in.

2. First dance recital is over One more to go. Nora and Charlotte were absolutely fearless and
beautiful and I have the video to prove it! It will be posted as soon as I can figure it out. Craig said I can post pics and videos w/ my mini laptop. I'll be sleeping through my lesson

3. House on Burray is no more. After several sleepless frantic nights Craig and I managed to
pack what was left of our possessions. Through the mother of all yard sales, craigslist, and the dump we were able to condense 7000 Sq ft(includes basement) into 4 6’D x 7’W x 8’H
relocubes. Don't worry, I didn't cry too long. But it was very difficult.

4. Pictures from Fl are popping up on FB. Yuck for me....yay for Nora & Charlotte!

5. I should have had a root canal done last summer. My tooth is killing me.

6. I couldn't recycle all my mags I've been collecting, but I couldn't in all conscience pack them
when I was throwing out so much good stuff. I packed them under my clothes in the back of
the hummer and I've been going through them while living hotel life and tearing out the pages
I like. Then I recycle them.

7. Wondering how I'm going to entertain 2 kids all next week? Wish we could leave after
tomorrow's dance, but I also don't want the kids to miss their preschool graduations or
Tammy's wedding.

8. Nora and Char are obsessed with Aunt Suesue! There's tons of playacting involved and I
overheard a scene being played out in the back of the truck today. Nora always plays the
part of Suesue and Charlotte covers Allie, Lulu, Tasha, & Crack. Today "Suesue" was scolding
"Tasha" for not having on her seat belt!

9. Nora talks in her sleep. She just woke herself up and came over to hug me. LOVE her!

10. This makes me happy.


suesue said...

you,re back!! love it... my nora loves her suesue.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for staying for our wedding. It was so nice to have you there.