Sunday, January 1, 2012

hello 2012

- goodbye 2011.

- I feel like last year was sad times and I'm sure there were definitely good times, but thinking about it, the sadness permeates all my memories and I am glad to have a fresh start and I'm dropping all the "weight" of 2011.

-Speaking of weight, Please let this be the year I finally stick to a diet! I started out with promise again today with a nice walk with the family, consumed many glasses of water, and counted my "points".  I will NOT fall off the wagon during March!   I'm glad I sucked down three of Grandma Sally's cookie bars yesterday!  The guilt makes me too self conscious to look at cookies/candy today!

- New Year's Eve was spent enjoying what has fast become a Schneider classic evening, Karaoke!  Santa brought the girls drums and microphones.  Grandma gave Nora a guitar for Christmas and with some support from YouTube and an iPad,  we were singing our hearts out!
Our favorites: Blackbird, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift (Nora) Neil Diamond (Craig) Jolene (me!) and Charlotte loves Momma Mia!  I am frightening esp. when I'm channeling "Smells like Teen Spirit"!  (hello hello hello!)

-Girls fell asleep before midnight, but due to my obnoxious horn blowing, they woke up to see a little off the ball falling!  Gaga and Bloomberg sharing a smooch was disconcerting, though!
-After my December Daily failure, I'm hesitant, but I'm going to attempt a Project Life this year.  It will be fun.  :)  Nora and Charlotte are on board and have already contributed some drawings for our title page!  It's going to be a true family journey!

- So yay for 2012!  I'm looking forward to this year!  Happy New Year all!

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Vee said...

we fell asleep before midnight too! happy new year and wishing you many blessings and happiness! xo