Saturday, June 21, 2008

I found a new show.

What is up with that show Rob & Big? It is so funny! I was trying to find something to watch last night and I found this show on MTV2. Why do they have Mini Horse and how do I get one?

I'm not sure what season I was watching, but I Loved It!

Last night we went out to our 2nd favorite Mexican joint for dinner and it was pretty bad. They screwed up Craig's order and overcharged us. Then it was off to a Cruise-In or whatever those car shows are called. You know....when they have a bunch of old cars sitting with their hoods open in a parking lot. They're ok, but it's fun to watch Nora and Charlotte spot all the Corvettes first. How do they know that car I wonder?

We were going to stop to get ice cream cones on the way home at DQ, but I made an executive decision to stop at the grocery store to get a carton of ice cream and make cones at home. It's the economy, the price of gas and all ... not that I wanted some extra ice cream on hand or anything!


Anonymous said...

Ann, you bought the ice cream for yourself. :) of course they noticed the corvettes first, they are Schneider aren't they? Nice picture with Craig doing all the yard work. Is that you with the trimmer?

lulu said...

glad to see i've converted another rob and big fan!

team mini horse!

suesue said...

love char char's shoes! rob and big is the show mad and i watch all the time also for mothers day mad gave me DC t shirt so i could feel like part of the show