Saturday, June 7, 2008

They say it's your birthday

I'm totally exhausted tonight. Just a quick entry to tell you Charlotte's birthday at the Great Wolf Lodge was quite enjoyable. I no longer just think Nora is fearless in the water, I know she is fearless! That little kid was going down all the big slides by herself today. Then she went down a huge tube slide with me. She was diving under the water and begging anyone to watch her "trick" which is diving under water! She couldn't get enough pool, slides, waves, and just water park. Charlotte started off very cool with the water park. Not a big fan in the beginning, actually quite timid. She enjoyed the kiddie pool with the zero entry and the wave pool when her mama held her. We jumped like kangaroos when the waves hit us. We spent some time together today, but a lot of Ann and Craig taking turns playing with Charlotte in the "gentle waters" and taking Nora into the "raging" waters. Also made a quick trip to Newport News to shop at Trader Joe's. I love that store, building one in Richmond this year I think. Can't wait.
Charlotte wanted a Little Mermaid cake for her birthday and her mother tried to accommodate her. I think it came out pretty good. Craig made her eyes. He thought I made them look goofy, so I scraped my eyes off. He outlined the nose, I think that's goofy, but I didn't say anything. Charlotte and Nora loved the cake and that's what matters.
My baby turned three today...where did the time go?


madeleine said...

nice job on the cake!
but the nose does look a little messed up haha


Allie said...

cake looks awesome.
and if the girls like water so much i heard there is a nice great big pool @ 180 barry road rochester new york, some girls that are crazy in love with your girls and an open invitation all waiting for you!
who could ever pass up such an offer?

Anonymous said...

I don't know anyone cruel enough to pass up such a sweet offer from such a lovely family, except that crazy old aunt who lives in ? What's her name again?