Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We're moving!

Sorry I've been absent and not posting, but we've sold our house! Very exciting because we are preparing to move! So the not so exciting part is that I am constantly packing! Boo.

I have probably 95% of the kitchen packed, everything we not selling on craigslist packed in the family, dining, living room, and study packed. I have started packing the girls bedrooms. We're in the midst of sorting out our children's books. I'm letting the girls decide which ones they want to sell and which ones they want to keep. What we don't keep or sell will all be going to charity.
I am dreading packing the playroom and I'm holding out on that because I don't want to pack that too soon because where would we be without our oasis of toys.
So packing has been eyeopening. Who knew we had glasses we could use as a straw? Or so many coffee mugs from Las Vegas? My personal favorite has been finding all these wooden salad bowls I forgot about. I know I'll NEED them someday, they're coming with me!

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