Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ducks & dinner

Craig has been working non stop since he moved up from Richmond, VA. So yesterday
was his first day off in Forever and we decided to make a family day out of it.
First we headed out for a delicious breakfast at the Highland Park Diner.
Then the farmers market which was very crowded. Each girl got their own tote to carry the fruit and veggies they each picked out. Nora spotted some fuzzy peaches and green pears. Charlotte spied some broccoli.
A stop in the afternoon in Pittsford to walk along the Erie Canal.
Which would not be complete without stopping to feed the ducks.
Love this picture! :)
My diet was destroyed this weekend because we had a kid free night out. My glorious niece
Lulu kindly said she would watch the girls and Craig and I were free to go out to dinner.
We went out with my brother Kevin & his wife Debbie to Veneto.
I love living in Rochester!
Monday the diet will be salvaged.

Used a sketch from Two peas class Super Sketches to create this layout. It was super fast to make. Love when that happens!


Tammy said...

When can I come visit?

The Lonely Scrapbooker said...

Thanks for your comment at 2Peas. I clicked on your blog link and gallery. I love your pages. They are just what I wish I could achieve -- arty and free flowing. I'm far too linear for my own liking, but I just can't help it.

lulu said...

glorious really does sum me up :)
boy your really lucky to know me!

bee said...

hi ann, it is bee. i enjoy reading your blog. i check everyday. i have no life. i like to see what is going on with your little family. when there is a new one, i read it first. then i call judy and she comes over and we read it together. i know you are getting settled and all, but i think you have had enough time. so blog already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1