Friday, August 7, 2009

Lesson for today: Proper footwear

So in my never ending quest to drop some lbs. I've been walking.
Also trying to eat the right foods, exercise, blah, blah, blah....
Not exciting. I do like to walk though.
I missed my morning walk so I made an effort to get a walk in the afternoon.
Why I walk in the a.m.
1. Craig is still home until 9am and he can watch the girls while I walk unfettered.
2. Nobody's out and I don't have to stop, talk, or wave.
3. It's still pleasant in the morning. No overhead sun or heat making it sticky.
4. Did I mention the lack of parental responsibility?!
So I grabbed my camera and my kids after admonishing them to wear proper footwear and we left for Cobb's Hill Reservior. It's literally at the top of our street.
It started off pleasantly enough.
We walked a bit, stopped for pictures in front of the breathtaking (insert joke)
Rochester city view.
Then we continiued our 0.69 mile walk. How do I know this? It was posted all over.
Maybe it was in case someone freaked out they were walking too much.
Who would that be?
Maybe the two little girls who took off running and were chased down a red faced
woman screaming their names and mumbling some others!
After we took picture above (why is the dog the only one looking at me?) we started walking again at a leisurely pace. Maybe that was because Nora was wearing flip flops and Charlotte's shoes were on the wrong feet. I did try to be a good parent and fix them, but I was told by Charlotte she liked them that way.
Halfway around the reservior and the girls were Done.
Hence why I sneak out of the house and walk alone.

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Tammy said...

Typical girls. Very pretty pictures and love the view! I really hope we can come visit sometime.