Thursday, December 10, 2009


Dec. 3rd
Manhattan Square Park
Skating Rink
Roch., NY
Dec. 4
same place
Can't get enough of the ice skating.
Well...I'm not skating...just walking Pinky who pulled
a Marley & Me at the rink.
You know the ocean scene. Yuck.

Dec. 5
missing photo.
Craig & I went out for Chinese.
I have a picture of Craig drinking a flaming volcano on my cell.
Dec. 6
Strong Museum
Allie & Lulu
Madeline's Christmas

Dec. 7
Making marshmallows
YumDec. 9
I actually shoveled the driveway.

Dec. 10
That's Craig shoveling the driveway.
The tiny black speck is him!

Difference between Rochester & Richmond
We don't cancel school when it snows.

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madeleine said...

poor nora standing in the blizzard!