Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hello December

December started with a snowfall!
Nice.I'm attempting a December Daily.
For non-scrapbackers, it's a monthly journal filled with pictures taken daily
and the thoughts wriiten down to remember the day.
I like a snow shot for my first entry. It kinda sets a nice wintery
tone to my journal.

Things to write about on December 2nd.
Aunt Sue watched Charlotte while I volunteered in Nora's kindergarten class.
I tried to watch a tivoed Rock & Roll 25th Hall of Fame Concert.
Charlotte wanted to know why Bono was doing the pee pee dance.
He does spent quite a bit of time semi-hunched over tapping one foot.
I never thought my 4yr old
had anything in common with him.
Nora thought Mick Jagger was old and why does he sound funny?
Good valid questions.
I definitely thought that myself about ol' Mick.

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