Thursday, March 11, 2010

Is it over?

Prompt one for Something for Almost Nothing class is to incorporate metal into your layout. I was inspired by that yellow metal rimmed tag to make this layout. It is so cheerful and sunny, I pulled out this photo of my Charlotte & my mom at Jen's wedding last May.

I worked backwards on this one. Usually I pick the photo, then papers, then throw some embellies on. This time I had to find the metals to use so they dictated the page.

It was actually a cool way to design a layout.

Now my rotten day!!!

1. I can't convince Craig to drop off 2Nd part of Charlotte's registration for kindergarten
at elementary school this morning. The girls and I will all have to go this evening.

2. Charlotte does something to Nora which causes her to run screaming into my arms.
As she's telling me Charlotte's misdeed, I notice she has a tooth coming in behind her
bottom baby teeth.Nora does not have any loose teeth yet, so I call to make an appointment for her at dentist
I take out my wallet to get some information and set my wallet by the phone.

3. As I'm walking Charlotte into school I'm feeling the Spring day and step into the grass.
Sink into mud to the top of my shoe.
Clean shoe off in a puddle of dirty water.

4. I go grocery shopping.
I get everything loaded on conveyor belt, and remember my wallet is sitting home by the phone.
I feel like an class A dork, apologize to the cashier, people behind me. Run home red faced to get my wallet with my money and return to store to pay for my suspended order.

5. Leaving grocery store and stop at a 4 way stop. For some silly reason I assume everybody should stop at these!! Except the teenage girls who can't be bothered with stopping and almost run into me. After much horn blowing and expressing my displeasure, I thank my lucky stars and get myself home.

6. It's only 2:30.

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KateB said...

your LO caught my eye right away-love the yellow and how it's popping-gave attention to the fantastic photo and the love in it-one of my favs. I too couldn't take a whole picture of my scrapstudio; it's in need of a maid right about now!

KateB (mizzkb00@ Shimelle's class)

suesue said...

love your layout sister ...i can feel the sunshine!