Monday, March 8, 2010

This & That

Yay! I'm taking an online class called Something from Almost Nothing taught by Shimelle!
Can you tell I'm a wee bit excited?!
I have a non- blinking blinkie on my right sidebar. ---->
So the class starts tomorrow and we have been given our first challenge.
Take photos of your stash!Now I sometimes feel like a glutton with my scrapbook supplies
so here is only a glimpse of what I've got going on.
I didn't tidy up before photo time either.
Looking at the photos now, I see my missing Joann's ad.
(Sorry Sister for stealing one of yours yesterday!)
I've got a drawer & shelf full of cute stamps. I NEED to use them.
I'm not a card maker, so I have to work them into my layouts some way.

One of the bowl of buttons that I forget to dig through, plus a bowl of fabric & felt pieces.
In my defense, I do use these items for making barrettes and headbands for my girlies.
Speaking of my girls....

How are funny are these photos from Chuck E Cheese?
Charlotte HATED the monster truck ride!!!!
I had to scoop my poor little baby out mid ride!!!
Unlike her sister beside her with the biggest smile her face can hold!
Nora must have spent at least $5.00 in tokens on that ride, but it was
the best spent money because she absolutely LOVED it!!!

Looks like I have a wild woman on my hands!! Now who's going on the roller coasters with her when she's big enough?
I think we can safely assume, Charlotte won't be volunteering!!

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scrappyjacky said...

Love how you've caught their emotions in those photos.
Looking forward to class tomorrow.

Ruth said...

Yay to loads of stash! Great photos of your DDs. See you in class!

furrypig said...

You have some cute stamps in your stash. Look forward to seeing you in class xxx

Anonymous said...

Great stash and great photos!

Juel said...

I LOVE that big owl, who makes him?? See you in class!

Daniela said...

Love your stash, looks like mine! We shop at the same place for sure since I just got that same little owl stamp on the branch. I am taking the class, too and I better get started.

KateB said...

great stash and you & I share the same love of putting embells in non traditional containers! I don't stamp either (even though I hoard those too) and I know Shimelle is gonna pull that challenge on us!