Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Back in school & more kitchen pics

1st day of Kindergarten!
Woot woot!
So adorable and so proud!
The Bus was very late. So I didn't get any good shots of her getting on the bus.
But I got some the other day, but I thought I would keep them in sequence.
So Charlotte's in the pm class which means pick-up is 11:45.

Here is Nora getting off the bus on her 1st day!
Woot! Woot!
Her bus stop for pick up is at 8:20am, down the block at the corner with some 2nd graders.
I actually took some pictures in the am, but I thought the ones of her getting off the bus came out a little better.

She's wearing her new boots. She loves them because she picked them out with her Dad at Target and they remind her of Wizards of Waverly, and still rocking the occasional Hannah Montana tee.
Oh yes....that black vest is glittered!
And you can never have enough denim leggings!
Four pair at last count!

Big News!
The kitchen floor is in!

Oh it's beautiful!
I'm in love and we're going to put these hardwoods throughout the house!

I left you with a glimpse of what my new windows looked like, so here they are in full.
Love the circle window. I've never had one before and I've always admired them.
It's just cool.

The other windows have a crank and I can open them all for a major wind or just one for a gentle breeze!

You can see my counter tops here.
That was difficult.
A story for another day.
I'll also take a better photo of them when they are not dusty!

A brand new stainless steel bottom freezer refrigerator sits in the near corner.
Yes, I have polished it up since this photo was taken! :)
We're actually painting the cabinet doors today.
Getting exciting around here!

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