Thursday, September 16, 2010

I can scrapbook again?!

A little break from my home improvement stories to tell you about my little Nora.

Yesterday my little kindergartner Charlotte and my first grader Nora got off the school bus and Nora stormed up the driveway yelling at Charlotte,
"You lied to me! You said you would sit with me on the bus!"

Charlotte, age 5, already a pro at avoiding conflict calmly tells Nora,
"I didn't see you."

Between me & you, I think she saw her!

Charlotte has just been busy sitting with her newest pal from her kindergarten class, Lila. She likes sitting with her new friend, she knows she can see her sister at home and play with her then.

Nora doesn't have a friend from her class on the bus. It shouldn't be a big deal, but Nora is very shy and unless someone makes a move to sit with her, she'll sit by herself. I also think she's been looking forward to sitting with Charlotte on the bus.

So yesterday, Nora blew up at her sister and underneath her bluster I could tell she was very sad that she sat alone. She cried, we hugged and talked about maybe sitting with someone else who sat by themselves. Maybe that person just wants to sit with someone too. She felt better after our little talk and we read some books together (Charlotte banned from the room by Nora's decree!)

So I sit here hoping that today will be better. I told Charlotte to sit with whomever she wants and her sister will do the same. If you want to sit together, if you don't want to sit together, that fine too.

So it's only our first full week in the bus and I'm really hoping all goes well today. My heart hurts so much when my girls' hurt.

Be back later with an update and maybe finish my kitchen story. :)

ETA : Charlotte sat with Nora on bus Friday, but she kicked and pinched Nora. Nora wanted to report her sister to bus driver. But thankfully she reported Charlotte's behavior to us. Charlotte....Argh.

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