Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I adore Valentine's day.
The girls are off to school with their little valentines.
All the girls get a Barbie valentine with a pencil and the boys will receive a
Batman valentine with a Batman pencil.
No treats this year.
In the beginning of the school year, we got a letter asking we not send in candy or cupcakes for birthdays,
only stickers, pencils, or something non food related.
I think it's part of preventing childhood obesity.
I totally understand this, but sharing a sticker on your birthday is
not the same as a cupcake or cookie. 
Just saying....
So for V-day I sent in pencils, just in cause there is a candy ban on holidays as well!
This layout came together super quick thanks to Shimelle's free class
at Two Peas 4x6 photo love.  I'm a big fan of Shimelle's
classes and participating in a free class led by Shimelle and offered
by Two peas...sign me up!

Have a very Happy Valentine's Day!!!!


Lauren said...

Such a great layout!!! I love photos of Mommas and the girls..I guess because I have 2 little girlies myself!! I was thinking the same thing about my dd when I sent her to school with her lollipop valentines..I hope that candy is ok today..I mean give me a break!
Have a wonderful V-day!

Gioconda said...

the picture of the three of you is so cute. beautiful layout.

Sabr said...

Such a sweet page! I just made a layout with the same title!

lisa truesdell said...

what a gorgeous page!

ArlaMo said...

Love Shimelle and love your layout!!

Denise said...

Your layout is stunning!

Virginia said...

Love this layout and totally agree with you on the cookie comment...stickers are great but nothing beets a good sweet treat- that cookie in the pic looks awesome!