Sunday, January 30, 2011

wildcat weekend

 Yay!  CHA weekend!  I look forward to this weekend to see all
my favorite manufacturer's new products!

I am totally loving everything I've seen so far by my favorite Sassafras!
Love the whimsy and free spirit in their lines!
Crate paper, The Girls Paperie, Cosmo Cricket, Studio Calico,
and the house of three stuff by Pink Paislee are ranked very high on my list as well!
 Another reason I love this time of year...all the challenges to participate in!
I'm a girl who loves a good challenge!
It pushes me creatively and I always end up with some new favorite layouts.
 Especially if its a challenge I'm not entirely comfortable with, like self portrait in a mirror.
I look crazy eyed, for sure!
But it was fun to journal, overcooking all meat just a normal dinner hour around here!
Not dealing out trichinosis here, not on my watch!

Reminds me of a time when Craig and I went to this expensive restaurant
and we both got a chicken dish  (not a very inspiring menu)
and he started eating it and got this weird look.
I saw his look, started freaking out because I know it meant BAD stuff.
He wasn't going to show me, but I made him turn his dish toward me and it was RAW people!
He was eating a raw chicken cutlet!
Ugh...mine was cooked, but I pushed my plate away!
Needless to say, we never returned to that restaurant.
I still shudder when I drive past it!

 A calm moment for Charlotte.
My girls have been fighting like wildcats this weekend.
It seems like there's a fight a minute.
Alright, so I'm exaggerating, but they're picking fights over every little thing!
I'm exasperated.
Next weekend they are spending with their grandma.
Another reason it was so sweet to move back where there's family!
Scraproom = disaster area!


Sarah Webb said...

The first two pages have really caught my attention! Love the eclectic feel and the little details!

Julie Gamary (juls2000) said...

Gorgeous pages! And, a scrapbook room well used!! Yay!

Susan Coish said...

What great designs! I love your style!

Sharla said...

Love your layouts!!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

beautiful work!! love love love your style!