Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Charlotte's party!

 On June 11th, we had an Alice in Wonderland tea party for Charlotte's 6th birthday.
Charlotte's kindergarten class is very party happy, so I thought after going to all these birthday parties
all year, Charlotte should have one as well.

Charlotte had 10 of her friends over and she loved it!
She wanted to wear an Alice costume to complete her ultimate birthday
and she looked adorable!

It was Charlotte's first party where we invited lots of friends.
Usually we have family parties or go somewhere special.
Holey Moley!
It felt like I planned forever and it was over in a blink!

Here are some photos Craig managed to get before the party started.
Once the party started, it was all hands on deck to keep everyone entertained!

It was fun, but exhausting!  
Keeping 12 girls (10 guests plus Nora & Charlotte) happy
was sometimes challenging!
But there was plenty of candy, cupcakes, pizza, and snacks to go around!

I made all the cupcake picks and food tags with some old Anna Griffin papers I've had in my stash!
I loved how easy it was to make it all!
Paper punch, glue, and stamp it!

I bought a helium tank on sale at Toys R Us and had tons of light blue, black, white,
and red balloons all over the yard and house.
We had streamers hanging in doorways, ceilings, and light fixtures.
Most of the decor photos have some party guests in them, so I won't post them, but trust me it was cool!

Our craft for the party was decorating birdhouses.
I picked up 15 birdhouses in Michael's dollar section when they were 40% off!
What a steal!
I bought paints, foam brushes, sequins, and feathers.
The girls loved making their birdhouses and showing them off to their parents when 
they picked them up!
 It was a lot of work and I won't lie, stressful, but
it was totally worth it because everyone had fun.
Charlotte was Alice for the day and she loved the attention (definitely the presents!).

But next year, we're going back to having a small family party!
Is that being a bad mom?!



Amy Coose said...

What an amazing party!! Each year, after my daughter's bday party, I say that's it! No more parties, but she always talks me into it by her next one. LOL

suesue said...

super b day party

Rosalie said...

wow!!! been there done that with the big parties aswell when that age!!! lol... but with 8 of them, i must admit to being over it a little, bad mum here too!! we are back to small family parties and perhaps 1 or 2 friends only for dinner and staying over night! and that works as they get older :o)

lisa truesdell said...

what an awesome party!

Anonymous said...

I love the decorations and all the Alice referrals - she must have been so happy!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a girls dream party! Love all the food tags, so cute!