Saturday, July 30, 2011

summer bummer

I think I can finally write about this.
Nora was bitten by a dog.
My sister's year old German Shepherd bit Nora's bottom when she was jumping in a pool.
Because of the momentum of jumping in the pool and the dog's bite meant to keep her out of the pool,
it was a pretty aggressive bite.  :(
It was a terrible day for everybody.  There is no blame or any fault, it was one of things that just happens in a blink and there's no stopping it.   We're all adapting and changing up our summer and Nora has been a super duper brave girl and I'm so proud of her!

 New favorite summer activity.
Playing in tents in the backyard.  One tent is a store where all kinds of glamorous items are sold.
Another is a beautiful mansion where occasionally little dogs are held captive.
There is lots of make believe and I love listening to the girls spin their stories.
It's amazing how they can entertain each other.
Our half bathroom off the kitchen is finished!
As Nora would say, "It's a Christmas miracle!"
 Gratuitous donut picture.
We love sprinkle donuts!

And a few layouts, I have a working photo printer again.
Life is still good!

Thanks for stopping by!


Susan Beth said...

I love the Big Bathtub layout - they are all nice, but that one just spoke to me in a special way! Hope your daughter is getting over her bite. That is so tough!

Ursula said...

You're making me need to make something! And I'm so sorry for poor little Nora. That must have been very frightening and painful for her.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love your layouts and "bummer summer" is one cool title!

creating memories... said...

i love your layouts!!

yes, reading FB status updates makes me depressed too. Infact, I've given up on FB coz it consumes my precious time!