Sunday, August 7, 2011

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I feel like such a Debbie downer!
I also have this stupid head cold that is making me wacky.
I'm not sure why I had big expectations of a fabulous summer, but it's really not in the cards!
I blame Facebook!
I think Facebook is depressing.
Anytime I log on, it seems like everyone under the sun is having this jet set lifestyle this summer!
Status updates from luxurious vacation spots, photos of smiling people enjoying themselves, and I'm
sitting home with a head cold, Charlotte has a cold, and Nora has a dog bite on her henie!
Am I the only one who feels pitiful after reading status updates?!

So instead of frowning, I'm going to try to be upbeat.
Things that make me happy!
My new Studio Calico kit.
It's full of beautiful blues, greens, and I'm almost afraid to cut into it!

grab bag 1
Scoring a grab bag at Studio Calico on reveal day.
Well my super hero sister scored it for me!
Not one, but two bags!
I went to see the last HP movie and I left her instructions on how to get it at exactly noon.
I never had a doubt she wouldn't get it, you see, I went shopping with her on Black Friday!
She's fierce!
grab bag 2
Another scrappy score of The Girls Paperie from Tuesday Morning.
I'm not a theme scrapper and I don't collect holiday theme papers, but this was too beautiful to pass up.
It was the stamps that pushed me over and I am not a stamper, but the silhouettes are too cool!
Another thing I am happy about?
The tile wall happening in my kitchen!
Craig's been working on it for the last two days and I'm almost gleeful!
The end of our kitchen remodel is near!
Our dining room lights make me happy!
We bought the glass shades at a store where they sell old house parts.
then after a stop at Home Depot for pipes, we were in business.
Craig built these and I love them!

And this girl makes me happy!
She's healing and has a great attitude about everything!
Of course, it might have something to do with apple TV.
She loves movies and there is an endless supply of them on here.
We've watched every talking dog movie ever made.
I actually watched a dog movie starring Valerie Bertinelli made in the 80s.

Not exactly a killer Facebook update!

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Anonymous said...

My summer is definitely not glamorous... Writing my MA thesis!

I got some grab bags too, but still waiting for box to arrive :)