Saturday, September 3, 2011 can't keep us from having fun!

Guess who finally got a mini vacation in?!!?
We went to Cape Cod for the weekend and guess who else came?
Hurricane Irene!
Yes....that rotten, no good hurricane tried to spoil our fun.
I didn't let it, no how!
Above is a photo of the Mass pike.
It's Friday, August 26, and everybody is leaving!

We went for our friend Seth's wedding.  It was super pretty and just a few raindrops, not enough to mar the festivities!
Nora enjoyed her first lobster.  Girl loves shellfish!

 The wedding was on Saturday and yes, we were under a tent.
No, we did not blow away.
It was very pretty!
Earlier that morning, we went down to the shore to check out the waves.
It's not an everyday occurrence, to hang out on the coast when a major hurricane is predicted!
It was gray, windy, and a little surreal.
The hurricane was battering the Carolinas, so our area was safe for the time being! 

 These horseshoe crabs were making toward the high grass off the shore.
They scared the pants off of Charlotte!  She walked up to them not realizing and started screaming!
We whisked her out of "harm's way", but she continued to whine whenever she caught eye of them!
Nora and I had to carry her across that part of the beach several times.
Turns out she's not a fan!
 Look how cute!

From the beach, we could see the preparation people were taking to protect their seafront homes.
Many boards across windows and a few homes had snazzy metal shades that pulled down.
It was something I've seen on television, but to see the preparation taking place is unreal.  

This is a photo taken from the car on our departure Sunday morning.
We left the cape about 7am to try and beat the hurricane.  
We made it off the cape and then halfway through driving through Massachusetts, the heavy rains came.
It rained so hard, it was ridiculous!
Thank goodness, Craig was driving.
I know I would've had to pull over and sit it out!
He drove like a champ, even through the Albany area.
Which was actually the worst of it!
When we got home, I saw on the news they closed the thruway after we went through.
All in all, it was a great time! 
We loved the little taste we got of Cape Cod!
The wedding was lovely and the girls were so excited to be there!
We were all so hungry for a little taste of vacation life after our stinky summer!
So it was a grand success and even Irene couldn't take it away from us!

And because I have to post a layout, here's my latest.
Hugs and Kisses to Lulu having her first week at Ithaca College right now!
We love you and are so proud of you!


Ursula said...

Sounds like you had a great time. When I was 5 we took a vacay to Cape Cod and I encountered horseshoe crabs and was not a fan either.

Jennifer said...

Looks like an amazing time!! And your layout is awesome!!