Sunday, August 3, 2008

You can take Charlotte out of Buffalo, but you can't take the Buffalo out of Charlotte!

Friday night we stopped at Buffalo Wild Wings

I ordered the girls their own wings and it was pretty cute to watch Char bite those wings! She's a real chicken wing aficionado. Craig had to take the meat off the wings for Nora. She was not interested in eating chicken wings unless her meat was already pulled off the bone. I can't blame her. I was pretty squeamish around Buffalo wings in the beginning too.

I wish I had my camera to take some pictures though because it was a pretty fun evening. They had a band playing and Nora and Charlotte were busting a groovy move to "Eleanor Rigby".

Saturday and Sunday were two days dedicated to the backyard. Craig has been working like a beast again. He's done a remarkable job grading the yard. It looks like a new yard already and I bet it will just be incredible when the grass comes up. Craig has taken Monday off, so we are going to spend the day at Busch Gardens. Nice weather in the forecast so hopefully it's going to be a good day.


madeleineee said...

i love PiPs little bow and why is nora chasing large machines?!

Anonymous said...

What is Craig out there planting a potato garden for Ann's 7 course meal. All that is missing is the beer. ;)

Anonymous said...

nice color on p. love the nails!