Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Help me help me!

Good thing Hill's not running for president because after her speech last night I would've run out and voted for her! What a speech, she had me in the palm of her hand! AHHH!
So after being consumed by the Olympics, I've taken on the Democrat Convention as my new must see TV.
All I can say is that I REALLY hope the RNC inspires next week.
I need McCain to really impress me because I want to get behind him and be excited!
Anyone else really missing Tim Russert right now?
I was channel surfing last night after Hillary's speech and could not settle on any station because no one breaking it all down the way I was used to.
Those idiots on MSNBC (Obermann! can't stand him!) are so pro Obama it makes my head hurt!

1 comment:

suesue said...

very impressive speech. good thing she is not on the ticket. slam dunk for the dems. loved bill "love you , love you forever" mouthing to hillary.