Monday, November 30, 2009

Counting down Xmas ABC family style

Things I'm doing to kick off the Christmas season.
1. Getting up at 2am to start shopping on Black Friday.
It was wild, it was crazy, and there's a rumor that I may have been
a little extreme in my reaction to $7.50 puffer vests in Target.
When I was through, they needed CSI to make sense of it all.

2. Getting a two hour "nap" after returning from Black Friday
2 little girls jumped on my head waiting
for me to get up so I can start Christmas decorating.
3. Hop out of bed and go to Home Depot to get a real live tree.
Where an unforeseen meltdown occurred because I would not
purchased a seizing reindeer for my front yard.
4. A picture does not convey the wretched state of this reindeer.
He's my nightmare and a 4yr old's dream.

5. Yay! A shot with the flash when all else fails.
We're happy we found a tree.
That lost a thousand needles in the back of my minivan.
And through the house.
That I vacuum up everyday.
It smells real nice though.

6. A tree lovingly decorated by the hands of 4yr & 5yr old.

7. I can take the pictures to prove it, but I'll leave it to the closeups
to convey the serenity of a loved tree.

8. Me - "Nora, can I take your picture by the tree?"
Nora: "uh huh."
Me: " Can you look at me and stop watching 'The Dog who Saved Christmas'?

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suesue said...

P U F F E R S !!! love your story.