Wednesday, January 13, 2010

All this too.

The roof over our porch is sagging. I never noticed, I'm not very observant. Craig has seen it, of course, and he is correcting it right now. He's out there in the snow, ice, and cold jacking up the roof. Not sure what's next, but I didn't for see this being our next home improvement project. Oh well.
We are working very hard on writing our letters and numbers over here.
Kindergarten is tough these days.
Not the writing part, but we're also working on addition and sight words.
Sight words are words like "like" "the" "and".

Target dollar spot has been fantastic lately in helping us with this. We've picked up some flash cards, writing boards, and writing place mats. Every morning I pick out a sight word flash card and we go over it, use it in a sentence, and stick it on the refrigerator. Periodically throughout the day, we return to our word to make sure we still recognize it and maybe if we can spell it. This is primarily for Nora's benefit, but I've kept Charlotte in the loop. Give her a head start on this too!

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Daniela said...

I love all of these, so bright and fun. I love Target dollar spot and Michaels...I have stocked up on flash cards, number cards, shape cards....Alex is only two, but he loves stuff like that!!!!