Friday, January 29, 2010

pop culture break

Can we stop writing about John Edwards already?
I didn't like the slime when he was running for president, vice president, then president again. Since then we've been assailed with his adultery, love child, and cancer stricken wife. Go crawl away and take your shame with you!
Obama state of the union, didn't watch it (watched the Kardashians) but I read up on Obama criticizing the Supreme Court. I try to keep my political opinions confined to people within shouting distance, hee, but I will just state for the record this bothered me. Then Schumer clapping away over the shoulders of the Supreme Court...grrr. Totally inappropriate and I've watched it on YouTube like 5 times. What's my problem now?!
Project Runway still bores me. Goodbye Ping, sorry your team mate and his model threw you under the bus and then decimated you with it. Your couture gown was ridiculous though.
Miss these babies. They are currently at my sister's enjoying a sleepover. I'm listening to Glee Cast mix on Pandora, our favorite in the morning. They just played "Seasons of Love" from "Rent" which could be Charlotte's favorite. As evidence...she pulls a chair over to the ipod station thingy to pump up the volume. She also likes "Defying Gravity" from "Wicked". Both of my girls LOVE musicals. They're serious about them. During this award season, they are thrilled they keep seeing "Donna".
You might hear this at my house.
"Nora... it's Donna!"
"She looks different, where's Sophie?"
"Oh good...Harry Headbanger is there too."
Yep...they've seen "Mamma Mia".
Meryl Streep up for her Julia/Julie role is everywhere and Colin Firth sightings have been plentiful.
ETA : Nora & Charlotte made their own tie dyes they are wearing in this pic. Awesome job!

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