Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year & catch up

(please ignore disgusting swivel gold chairs - table is a built in- they match - will be tossed in kitchen renovation!)
New Years Eve dinner made by Craig.
Carne asada burritos San Diego style.
Two lemons were used in the recipe between the pico, guacamole, & meat.
Way too lemony for me, I'm a lime lovin' girl.
With a tiny tinkering, it has the power to be a great recipe.
Craig loved them.
I love that he cooked, very nice indeed!
Sorry little Nora!
Picture taken at 11:57 pm.
Three minutes to midnight & the last meltdown of 2009 captured for historical reasons. ;)
Baby did not like watching Kathy Griffin & Anderson Cooper!
Shameless picture opportunity!
12:00 am Jan. 1, 2010
All asleep by 12:08 am

Just a real dump of layouts I've been cranking out this week.
I have more to post.
Playing major catch up.
Can you believe I haven't scrapped bus pictures or Halloween yet?

Trying to make room so I won't feel guilty making my Dec. daily this month.
My pictures will be in this week.

Must work on 2pagers as well.

Not overwhelming yet.

But the year is young.

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Hi there..
Saw you on SIStv. Just stopping in to say hello and Happy New year.
I enjoyed reading your blog. I hear you about moving back with family near by, that's something I hope to accomplish real soon too!! It is all that matters, I too want to teach my teen about what's really inportant, we live in such a fast paced environment, I don't think we ever stop to show her that there are others way to live. Thanks for the reminder!!!

Best wish to you and your lovely family.