Monday, February 15, 2010

Greetings earthlings

Happy Valentine's Day!!! Well a day off, which means I can say Happy Birthday Lulu! So many birthdays this month! Bad month to start a diet, but isn't every month a bad time to start a diet?!
So we've been super crafty over here this month. Making flower clips for little girls hairdos thanks to this tutorial. I can't stop making these things because it's so quick & addicting. If only the girlies would keep them in their hair longer than 5 minutes!

Our crafty little valentines for Grandma Judy who watched the girls so Craig & I could go out and have a proper date. We went out to eat at Venetos again and ended our night having a slice of cake at Phillips European Restaurant. I saw a flier while I was in there that they have a cake happy hour!! Hello?!?! That's got my name written all OVER it! I'm sure my enthusiasm scared Craig and then I intimidated him into sharing his dessert with me. I wanted the Viennese Meringue Torte, so did he, so I had to order something different. I think it's a waste of dessert opportunity to get the same thing because that's what's sharing is for, right?
Well, I didn't like mine as well as his, so I brought mine home and ended up eating half of his. Oh divine justice! Don't order my cake again!
Nora & Charlotte made some super sweet lady bug valentines to pass out and I forgot to snap a photo of them. I just bagged them up to put in their backpacks so we wouldn't fool with them too much! I would be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed in the ones they brought home from school.
First...not everyone gives out valentines.
I know, weird.
Charlotte's preschool teacher sent home a list of ten kids in her class. We made 12 sweet treats for her classmates, teacher, & teacher's helper. Apparently only 4 kids besides Charlotte handed anything out. Where's your Valentine's spirit I wanted to yell! Then Charlotte's teacher didn't let her use the cute v-day box we made last year. Her 4 cards came home in a stapled piece of construction sheet. :(
Nora did a bit better in her class of almost 20 kids. Half participated and she got to decorate her stapled sheet of construction paper! :)
I loved giving Valentines, making them, and sorting through them when I was a kid.
This was a different experience. It made me a little sad because I was as excited as the girls. Don't worry they are fine, not scarred from the lack of love greetings, but I might not be the same!! ;)

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