Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Nora!

This kind & beautiful girl made me a mama 6 years ago today!
She changed my life forever and I'm humbled and grateful for her love
and presence in my life!

I can't believe she's in kindergarten and learning so many new things.
She read me one of her little books the other night and I was so proud of her.

She's so sweet with her little dog Pinky and always looking out for her.
And always best friends with her sister Charlotte!

Let's not forget she has been my personal alarm clock for these six years!
From the night we brought her home from the hospital (never slept that first night) to this very morning when she crawled into bed next to me to whisper it was her birthday!
Even on her overnights to her cousins house, I get my morning wake up calls!
Loving this baby every day and thank you God for giving her to me!
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