Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow Day for real!

I know it's probably crazy, but I love being snowed in! Big fat snowflakes are falling down and I love it!
Sure Craig & I already shoveled the driveway so he could get into work, but I'd do it again. The girls are home, no school for Nora & no field trip for Charlotte today.
We are just goofing around today. A little TV this morning, but we've been playing games for the last hour.
We ate pizzas made with sauce, cheese & flour tortillas. Maybe a little ice cream cake left over from Nora's b-day sounds good for later.
Let's see if we can get crafty today. Then I have the trifeca: snow, ice cream cake, & crafts !

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madeleine & sue sue said...

so prettttty =)