Monday, May 3, 2010

Early morning nonsense

I was up at 5:00 am this morning. Pinky who sleeps on a pillow near my head started barking. Strange noises coming from the girls room. Then I hear running feet. My sleepy brain tries to process these noises and I had to jump up and check it out. Nora was awake, so I asked her what was going on. Apparently she rolled over her zhuzhu pet in her sleep with started all his noises and movements, it woke her up, dog was barking, so she ran and hid it behind pillow in the family room. Clever girl.
She goes back to sleep, so I take Pinky outside. In the early dawn , I do not see the two deer in my backyard, but my dog does and barks her face off. Ugh. Get her in, but I step on the mushrooms growing outside the door. The girls like them intact because fairies live in them. I stomped a fairy house at predawn. We'll see how that goes over later. Maybe they won't notice. Right!
I haven't started my week in the life album yet.

I took a ton of photos last week but haven't been motivated enough to put an album together. I mainly take photos of the girls doing whatever we're doing. I got some real cute cool photos so I'll go through them hopefully today.
This dreamland layout is my new favorite just on the size of the photo alone. I got an Epson r1900 awhile ago and I've (Craig) finally gotten around to printing out 12in photos out on cardstock. I LOVE it! I could print these out all day. I love the texture of the Coordinations cardstock. It's 4 for $1 at Joanns this week, so Nora and I went yesterday and loaded up!

Nora lost her first tooth last week! I've been so nervous about her silly teeth because the adult teeth are coming in
and she hasn't lost the baby ones yet. She still has another one just hanging there. I want her to just pull the thing out but easier said than done! It will be out this week, it just can't hang there forever, right??

Top photo is my new fave photo of Craig with his girlies. They adore and love him so much! Those sticks! They have a collection by my back door. I'm not sure why they're stockpiling all the dead branches from our yard and the neighbors, but I know I get in trouble when I try to throw them out!
NJ Housewives on tonight! Love Bravo! They have all the best reality shows. Love my NY & NJ Housewives. Sorry sister. Top Chef Masters has been a bit of a snore, I'm still rooting for your Rick Moonen. Watching Gale Greene creeps me out though. Does she creep you out?


piradee talvanna said...

wow... these layouts are absolutely gorgeous!!! love the one with the kraft and green cardstock... stunning...

ps. we won the kits from studio calico.. just dropped an email by you. :) thanks so much for your help

haze said...

may i noe where did u edit all these beautiful pics..they're soo nice;)