Wednesday, January 19, 2011

keeping busy

I think these photos were only taken 2 years ago.  Eep!  They look so little!

On a different note, how long does an unopened jar of pumpkin butter last?
I think I've had it 2 years.  Its from Trader Joes and I just never got around to using it.
I know I have a jar of capers that's at least 4 years old!
That's one of my problems, I'll see an obscure item on a grocery store shelf and pick it up because I read a recipe once and this was required.  I never go back to the recipe though.  I think it's time to clear some stuff out!


Sabr said...

oh gorgeous! love all the little bits and esp the tulle!

Leslie Davis said...

love that photo series!! And a late congrats on the post below!

Amy Coose said...

Congrats on your featured LO. I love the new one with all the details. Very, very inspiring!

juls2000 said...

Love the pics! Fun page!