Thursday, July 31, 2008

Girls Choice

Well, today I gave the girls three choices of what we could do.
1. swimming pool
2. zoo
3. water fountains at Stony Point Fashion Park

They chose to go to the mall! OK...not the mall shopping part, but the cool water fountains that
spit water.
It was SO SO hot here today. Definitely 100 degrees, if not very close. We hit the mall about 11:00 this afternoon and the water fountains were packed. Tons of kids, strollers, moms, and a few dads stretched out all over the place. Nora and Charlotte played for a little bit, but it was so crowded, they couldn't really run around. So it wasn't very interesting.
We left and did some shopping and ate lunch. Maybe this picture was taken two hours later and it was a lot more fun. The mommy brigade had all left and there was ample room to play. Charlotte opted out of going back in. Nora ran into the water spits and had a lot of fun. I keep calling these things water spits, I'm sure there is a lovely name to call them, little geysers maybe?
Tomorrow it will be a toss up between pool or zoo. I think zoo will win out because we hit the pool on Wednesday and the zoo was a very close second today.

ETA: I finally sized the pictures correctly. So if you click on them, they won't be HUGE!
But only in this post and the next ones! Why go's all a learning experience, right?
Next, photo I can play with the lighting and editing.


suesue said...

only in the south water spits and shopping!

favorite neicee! said...

ten days til i see those beautiful babieess!