Saturday, November 8, 2008

are you in blog depression since the election?

Ha ha! Thanks sister for the laugh! Not really. I've been spending less time on computer and not watching the news/pundits. I've been playing with my children and scrapbooking all our Halloween pictures. So playing and getting crafty with my girls has lessened the anxiety of the liberal left wing America that is coming.
Nora and Charlotte made some bread for their sandwiches using our bread machine. I haven't used it since forever and it was fun for the kids. They put all the ingredients in and pushed the button to start the machine. They took a lot of pride in the finished product and it tasted very good too.


lulu said...

aww look at the P rocking Nora's Hannah montannna

suesue said...

thanks for the beautiful pictures of your baby right wing girls. gimme some of that bread char char and nora!

Laskowycz household said...

someone is being a blog slacker!