Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sad feasting.

So we've had a rough couple of weeks here at the Schneider house. Nora and Charlotte have been taking turns being sick. Here is a picture of my Charchar too sick and tired, laying on the floor eating her little crackers after I gave them to her. Notice her bucket, she travels with it in case she needs to use it.
So yesterday was Charlotte's thanksgiving feast at school and while she doesn't have a upset stomach anymore, she has moved to having a stuffy nose and cough. So we took the morning off and went to school in the afternoon to drop off our contribution (homemade mac & cheese for 60 people!) for the feast. Char did not want to walk in with her class and sing so we took a seat at our table and watched the other kids perform. She didn't want to leave, but she didn't want to participate. Then it ended early, so we still had to wait around for Nora's class to end. We all came home and Char slept the rest of the day away.
Today- Nora's feast.
Charlotte very ill. Craig can't take off to watch Char or go see Nora, so I'm doing both duties. Nora was SOO cute and proud today in her pilgrim hat and so cute showing everyone the cookies her mommy made. I wanted to cry. Charlotte was crying because she was sick and did not want to be there. So on one hand, I want to cry because I have a sick 3yr old flailing her arms and crying, " I wanna go home!!" and I feel like the worst mother having her out when she is sick, probably passing cooties (people were giving us looks, she looks sick and kept coughing!) and on the other hand I want to cry because I have a happy shiny 4yr old who wants everyone to know her mama made the cookies and cupcakes. What a day!

Even my dog is giving me the hairy eyeball today! Today was just one of those days.


Anonymous said...

yay!!!!! your coming to me soon, better get those babies in tip top shape for me, i expect no less than perfect =)

suesue said...

charchar pose brings tears to my eyes. nora looks so proud!!!