Saturday, November 15, 2008

Got the cleaning blues.

So I spent the evening cleaning out my closet and I did some major purging and I must admit it looks spectacular!
Nora and Char found these scarves in a misbegotten corner of my closet and think the scarves make them look German. Nora is being a German girl and Charlotte is her German dog, their words not mine.
I just think they're funny and I had to get a picture with my goofs.
Last weekend I cleaned out the pantry and it is so organized. I don't think I've made any astounding meals since then, but I have a few ideas! LOL.
So I asked Craig what was next on my list of things to clean this weekend and he told me I have to conquer the laundry room. Which is not in bad shape at all. So I'm hanging in here on the computer and Craig is probably on his umpteenth task of the day. If you know the German, you know I'm not joking. He already installed a new toilet in our master bath before 9:30am. We made a trip to home depot for grout for the kitchen back splash and a trip to Napa auto for a new battery for his tractor. Which I think he is painting right now so he can list it on craigslist this weekend. So toilet, battery installed, painting happening, and then back splash. It's not even 3:00 yet. Geesh...gotta love the German bear, but it makes me think I should stop bragging about my closet. I've made him look at it several times already. He must think I'm semi-? (fill it in...this is a PC blog!)

I wonder if I'm feeling ambitious enough to clean the girls playroom. Granted, it will be completely destroyed before the weekend is out and that can be disheartening. But conquer it I will because I think Craig may secretly like touring my hard work!
Did I mention we went to Hooters for lunch? Buy 20, get 10 free wings on Saturday. We mixed it up, 3mile, Daytona, & Garlic Parmesan wings and I think that may have been a bad combo. My gut hurts and I have major heartburn. This may seriously impede my cleaning. Will the German buy this?
ETA: Nora stung by bee on her ring finger today. One month ago, Charlotte was stung on her calf. Craig was stung two months ago right under his eye. Those bees are going to get me good when it's my turn! So far, I've remained unscathed and I know what you're thinking....I DO go outside. I mean, who else would take those pictures of Craig working! ;)


lulu said...

oh my god your closet is clean for once!

suesue said...

the girls look like their going to lift weights with uncle kevin! good job sister on the cleaning, did you have your book in your back pocket?