Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Virginia Voters!

Walking out after voting around 11:00 this afternoon. We were offered free candy by the Obama supporters, but this family held strong and walked on by. Granted the girls weren't paying attention to the Obama table but I denied the free chocolates! Strong Republican!
Craig voted at 7am and actually had to wait in an hour long line.
Nora's "I voted" sticker and she also received one for her Webkinz kangaroo.
Charlotte and her "I voted" sticker.
The second best part of our day after voting of course was trading in our stickers for free chicken sandwiches at Chick-fil-A. YEAH! Craig informed us of this cool thing because he went at lunch to get his sandwich. We were lucky and found a spot to park and waited in a long line to get our sandwiches.
Awesome free sandwiches with waffle fries!
Yummo! So we have received 3 pro-McCain calls today. First McCain called, then Robert Duvall, then a random GOPer to tell us to make sure we voted! This is very exciting. Must watch TV now. Polls close in one hour here in VA!


Anonymous said...

can your favorite cousin in rochester get some chicken??

suesue said...

love that southern chicken