Tuesday, December 9, 2008

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Well, we have one Christmas tree up. This is a little pink tree from Grandma Judy that we elected to put up in Nora's room this year. Charlotte was fine with this because she will have it in her room next year. Maybe we should get that in writing from Nora, but I have a feeling we will have two pink trees by next year to avoid any unpleasantness!
Last Saturday we went to the Christmas parade they have every year in the city of Richmond. I couldn't resist getting a picture of Darth Vader, he and the storm troopers started off the parade. It's actually a pretty cool parade. They do have big balloons, not Macy's big, but Craig and I enjoyed watching them trying to tuck them over and under the streetlights.

Nora and Charlotte enjoyed the parade and I brought LOTS of snacks to feed our hungry bellies! I love this picture of sisterly love.

Ah. We finally took our annual Christmas card picture on Sunday. We have a few options, the usual one with one girl not looking, then one kid with goofy face, and the perfect shot that is blurry! Who knows what will make the cut? Here we are making some cookies to revive our spirits and give us all a break. Note the curls, I only burned Nora once...Charlotte made out great. She was second and I got the hang of using curlers again. My poor sweetie Nor!

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lulu said...

oh my goodness they're so cute with curls!