Monday, December 15, 2008

She's crafty

I think we had a busy past couple of days, but nothing out of the ordinary.
Charlotte had her Christmas concert last Thursday at school and she looked like an absolute doll singing her carols. Big smile and of course I got us seats in the front row right behind where the kids were going to sit. There was a family including grandparents behind us complete with video cameras who sighed VERY loudly when Craig, Nora, and I sat down. I felt like Bush when he won his second term, this was my second year doing this at this school and I had a "Mandate''! I was sitting where I wanted, I earned the right! Plus, they could have sat in the front row, but they didn't. Nora's concert is this Thursday, we'll see who gets front row again!
I sent off Christmas cards on Saturday and I have to say our pictures this year are super cool and a little different. There are TWO pictures this year and if you look closely you can spy Pinky in the first image you see. So blog readers, your cards should arrive shortly.
Also the girls and I were up to our crafty ways this weekend. I made the ornament Charlotte is holding for her teacher and the poinsettia pin is for Nora's teacher.
I also finished two layouts to add to the girls scrapbooks. I know I've posted these pictures on here, but I finally got around to scrapping them. This Tues./Wed., Ritz has 5 cent digital prints and I'm going to go through the computer and find all the pictures that I don't have prints for and order them. I know we have tons of pictures of the girls as babies that I don't have actual prints of.

We finally put our Christmas tree up last week. I also decorated the mantle and I can't seem to get a clear picture of it so I will wait to post those shots.
So be on the lookout for some beautiful cards from us in the mail and I will be back this week with another update. I'm trying to be a better blogger!

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sue sue said...

love your crafts sister. very original! nora looks right at home with the laptop. better start saving your money for an MAC !