Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tie dye!

Santa brought some tie dye making kits to the Schneider girls for Christmas. Dad enjoyed this because he considers himself to be a tie dye professional and the girls have been super excited to break open their kits and start working on their t-shirts.
Nora and Charlotte did most of the dyeing themselves with just a little help from their parents. Nora chose the purple and red dyes to create some pink.

Charlotte choose the blue and yellow to create some mermaid swirls on her shirt.

Dad did the double swirl on his shirt with the classic rainbow. Rainbow...hehe!

I also broke open the knitting loom I got for myself for Christmas. I was confused at how to do it at first. I made Craig read the directions and show me how to do it. He had to start it for me and then I took over and made great strides in making my new scarf. Here he is checking out my progress. He didn't like me taking this picture. No, he didn't knit all that! I did.
This is my little Nora wearing her new clothes. She dressed herself this morning and I couldn't stop myself from exclaiming, "What a hipster!" Here is her hipster pose. I love that she's taking such pride in dressing herself. Well, she does share the title of "Most Fabulous" wardrobe in the household along with her sister Charlotte.
Pictures of finished tie dye shirts coming in next post. They are in the washer and they look awesome!

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suesue said...

the family that craft together stays together! nora you fashion plate, love your hipster style.