Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The cousins are here!

We have been shopping our fool heads off since our cousins are in town for a big visit! On this day, Charlotte had enough and nodded off with her new webkinz from SueSue!
When we're not shopping, we 're having all sorts of fun! Yes, we went bowling and we loved it. Nora and Charlotte now want to go bowling every night! We had a ringer among us, our Lulu happens to be an excellent bowler and beat the pants off of all of us. Well, I guess Craig caught up at the end, but she destroyed the rest of us!

Yum. Pink chocolate and rice crispy treats. Holy smokes, must make those. I found these in a candy shop in colonial Williamsburg today and I vowed to make them some time soon!

Hello Ladies!

1 comment:

suesue said...

love the photos, i want copies!!! the ladies pic is fabulous. love the girls outfits. noras hat is to hip for words.