Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's somebody's birthday

It's Craig's birthday today! He's getting dinner out and then some cupcakes. I made an altered frame with a picture of the girls for him and a very simple birthday card. I've been a beast this week trying to get the valentines made, planning for Lulu's birthday, and then Nora's birthday that Craig's birthday always sneaks up on me! Here's to a happy day, I'd say something sweet like "I love you" but he never reads my blog. He figures he lives it!


suesue said...

birthday bear birthday bear!!!! love the cupcakes very current.

ann said...

Nora remembered the bear! I didn't think of it, she dragged a chair over to the cupboard to get it it. Big smooch for Nor!!

lulu said...

poor craig..he's probably jealous you care about my birthday more :-)