Friday, February 27, 2009

Hello again.

Hello blog world.

Sorry I've been a stranger. I feel like I have been busy, but now that I think about it, I should have blogged!

We had Nora's big birthday bash on Saturday and it was a spectacular smash. About 15 kids, plenty of adults, and too many silly fun things to cram in! I'm in the process of editing photos from the party to work on a little min-album for Nora. After the party, I thought of all the missed opportunities to take photos. We had some great balloons set up all over the house and outside and I regret I didn't get some photos of them. Such is life. But Nora had a blast and a good time was had by all.

So this is a picture of a five year old! On the actual birthday, Tuesday, we went off to Champs for dinner and had the balloon man make Miss Nora a little mermaid balloon. Then we proceeded to Limited Too, so the girls could pick out their umpteenth webkinz. We've had more than our share of cake this month, and Nora had colorful cupcakes on Saturday that we opted to have ice cream sundaes to end our birthday celebrations.
On Thursday we went to the park with our friends and had super time enjoying this strangely nice weather in February. We started off the day with parent/teacher conferences at preschool. Both girls are doing excellent. I went alone so I asked Charlotte's teacher to make a copy of her report for Craig and I forgot to ask Nora's teacher to do the same.

The meeting before mine ran late so I had a very fast and kinda abrupt meeting with Nora's teacher. She assured me Nora was a very sweet girl, she could tell she was very loved by her family, and she was doing very well with her skill sets. I need to ask for a copy of her report because several things did not make sense to me. One she told me Nora needed to work on her phone number.
Wrong! If there's one thing Nora knows is her phone number! We worked on that number a lot. I made it into a song and it's very easy for her to remember. So I corrected the teacher on the spot and she remembered that Nora does indeed know her number because Nora told her teacher her number so I could go get her at school so she could hang with her cousins when they were here!
Another thing That didn't ring true was that Nora could not pull groupings together. If she had a group of 12 blocks, teacher would ask her to remove 5 blocks, she had trouble.
So we pulled out the above Lego's, I asked Nora to make a pile of 4 green, two orange......
she did it all with no problems. I asked her to pull out seven, how many were left, what number of what color, etc. She did it.

So I initially thought it was a good meeting, but the more I go over it...I'm confused. So next week, I'm going to ask for a copy of her notes as well, so I can go over them.
She got two things wrong with my Nora and I'm definitely curious on what else we're at odds on?

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