Saturday, November 7, 2009

are we or aren't we?

I'm stressed out.
I've been so cautious about keeping us cootie free that I'm tuckered out.
Is the flu season almost over?
Nora had a cough last week and I kept worrying it was going to develop into something worse.
She looks and sounds good today, so Charlotte told me she wasn't feeling well.
Nora received an invite to a birthday party at a bounce house on Monday and I've
called the mom to tell her we can't make it. In my defense, Nora almost always does get sick with a germ after those places. A trip to the Strong Museum closed us down half a week!
Yes, we sanitize all the time. Maybe too much? Can you become immune to it?

(Charlotte's not in the bubble! She's outside in the previous picture and decided to go in!)

Is it possible to be too paranoid of H1N1? Is it as bad as I've read about? The girls had their flu shots and I was ready to call for the swine flu shot after Halloween, but I have yet to hear anything good about it.
One family told us after our neighborhood Halloween parade, they each got the shot and were never sicker in their lives.
Oh be over flu season, you turning me into a paranoid hot mess!

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