Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bored and .....oh yes BORED!

I've been home with this little cupcake this week. She's been sick, mostly that heavy wet sounding cough. We've had one night with a fever, but our days have been fever free. Still not sure what we have. But let's get healthy again ALREADY!
Someone in Nora's class has strep according to the note that came home yesterday. Please don't breath in Nora's direction. Can I say that?!
Nothing else happening in our spunky little world. Come on, I've been house bound! I know when I get out I'll probably be talking too much to everyone I see.
Trolling the black Friday ads online and I think I know what I'm getting everyone for Christmas, except Allie.'re hard to buy for! I just can't buy you any more clothes....that will end up on your floor, books you won't read, or music you can download. I was thinking a gas card, but there are no cool gas stations like Sheetz or Wawas. Hmm...


madeleine said...

seeing as i'm your favorite neice and allie cat doesn't comment on your blog i say get her nothing :)

ALLIE said...

excuse me!!! i'll accept anything but books!!!

Daniela said...

Just following you from 2 peas! I love this layout and I love your style! Awesome work. I am adding you to my blog reader so I don't miss a thing! Have a great day!!!